1. (Zoölogical) Any American marsupial of the genera Didelphys and Chironectes. The common species of the United States is Didelphys Virginiana. Compare with possum.

7 letters in word "opossum": M O O P S S U.

No anagrams for opossum found in this word list.

Words found within opossum:

mo moo moop moops moos mop mops mopus mos moss mosso mou moup moups mous mu mus muso musos muss om oms oo oom ooms oop oops oos op ops opus os osmous ou oup oups po pom pomo pomos poms poo poos pos poss possum pus puss so som soms soom sooms soop soops sop sops sos sou soum soums soup soups sous spoom spooms sum sumo sumos sump sumps sums sup sups sus um ump umps up upo ups us